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  • Owner: Peña Joyeros S.L.
  • Address: Ctra. Castellón, km 3, Po.Ind. Sancarlos, 50013 – Zaragoza (Spain)
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  • Registration details: Registro Mercantil de Zaragoza, Tomo Nº729, General 176, Sección 2ª.
    Libro de Sociedades, Folio 21, Hoja Nº 6263,
    Inscrip.1ª - 13-10-87
    N.I.F.: B-50191568


Privacy policy covering the treatment of personally identifiable information

When are on the Website (hereby referred to as 'the Website'), personally identifiable information is being collected. Peña Joyeros S.L. takes your privacy seriously and complies with the rules with regards to the protection of this information. As a result it is important that you know what kind of information is collected when you visit our Website and how that information is used. Your visit to our Website is subject to the current Privacy Policy and our General Terms & Conditions and Copyright and IP Policy. Peña Joyeros S.L. will hold and store the personal information that you supplied on your visit to this site, making itself responsible for the files and the information contained in them. By accessing the Website, you signify your agreement with the Privacy Policy.

1. Information Collection and Use
By supplying us with your personally identifiable information when on the Website, you express your acceptance of the treatment and use of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. If you do agree with this, we request that you do not access the website.

Peña Joyeros S.L. may use your personally identifiable information for internal uses such as statistics and marketing. In that way, Peña Joyeros S.L. can collect, store or accumulate certain general information with regards to the Website's use, for example, information that would indicate which of our WebPages are most popular.

We do not supply your personally identifiable information to third parties, unless this is permitted by the Privacy Policy or the legal disclaimer provided when supplying your details. Peña Joyeros S.L. may reveal any information, including personal information, it considers necessary in order to comply with its legal obligations.

Peña Joyeros S.L. will not collect personal information if you are under 14 years of age. Minors should refrain from providing us with their personal details.

2. Cookies and Registration Files
Peña Joyeros S.L. may place a cookie on your computer's hard drive with the aim of recognizing you as recurring user and hence personalizing your usage of the Website by pre-selecting your preferred language. The cookie will be stored on your computer's hard drive until you decide to eliminate it. Your browser can be programmed to advise you of its presence or to reject them automatically. If you reject the cookies you can still use the Website, although this could mean a limit in some of the functions or impede the Website from functioning as it should.

3. Third Parties
Peña Joyeros S.L. may contract third parties to collect personally identifiable information, for example; information analysis, storage of Websites or the provision of integrated logistics services. These third parties may have access to personal information needed in order for them to carry out their work, if this information can not be utilized for their work or in any other way, Peña Joyeros S.L. will ensure that these third parties adhere to the regulations so that this data is protected under the privacy policy.

4. Links
The Website may provide links to other World Wide Web sites or may be accessed from other websites. You should be aware that Peña Joyeros S.L. will not accept responsibility for the way personal details are treated on other websites. The current Privacy Policy only applies to the information collected on our Website. We advise you to read the privacy policy with regards to personally identifiable information on the other websites that we are linked to or from our own Website or any other that you may wish to visit.

5. Security
Peña Joyeros S.L. has implanted several measures to protect your personal information both 'on line' and 'off line'.

6. Notification of Changes
The current Privacy Policy may be amended by Peña Joyeros S.L. from time to time and come into force as soon as the amendment has taken place. In this case, the new policy will be included on the Website and if you as a registered user, we will email it to you. If the registered user does not respond to the email in thirty (30) days, a lack of response will be understood as an acceptance of the new policy..

7. Access Rights, Data Correction, Cancellation and Opposition
You have the right to access, correct, cancel you personally identifiable information or even oppose to way we use such information. You can do this by writing to Peña Joyeros, S.L., Ctra. Castellón km 3, Polg.Ind.San Carlos nave 9 50013 Zaragoza (Spain), making sure to include a photocopy of your Identification Card (both sides); you will also need to include the reason you are writing, the date, your signature and a forwarding address.

8. File Responsibility
Peña Joyeros S.L., Ctra. Castellón, km 3, Polg. Ind. San Carlos, nave 9 50013 – Zaragoza (Spain) will be responsible for the file or files that contain the information that you have provided.

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