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Duoo wedding rings - Your personalized wedding ring

It is a reference mark for all the couples that are prepared to choose the symbol of their union "the alliances", if you are a special couple and you have decided that to seal your commitment you want some alliances wedding different, unique and exclusive like you, from our configurator "create your own wedding alliance", you can design your own wedding rings, choosing from thousands of different combinations, selecting the type of gold: yellow, white or pink, and combine them, finish them in different textures , add diamonds ... resulting in unique alliances, designed by you for you.


Create your own wedding ring

Our configurator offers you thousands of combinations so you can have the wedding alliance you've always dreamed of. Choose the model, shape, width, color, finish and whether or not you want diamonds on your wedding ring, a jewel personalized by you, for you.



Half-round, straight, oval, flat alliances. Always pure forms.

Our most classic wedding rings are "the ones of a lifetime". Alliances in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and with the possibility of adding diamonds.

These wedding rings can be finished with new textures: gloss, satin, fluted and diamond.

A classic with your personal touch.


If you are a little more daring, the "Trend" collection is yours.

Starting from the classic shapes, we give a personal touch to each ring: different heights, grooves, bevels ...

Of course you can add diamonds and play with the different textures.

All the rings in this collection are made in yellow, white and pink gold.


If your life is full of color and huis of classicism we present the collection "Fusion". Here you will find two-color and tricolor alliances, where the combination of yellow, white and pink gold takes center stage. A perfect fusion, unalterable and resistant to time, like the bond of union that these rings represent.

In this collection you can choose from the most classic to the most daring shapes and of course you can also set diamonds and combine the different textures and final finishes.


Luxury, elegance, glamor ... these words perfectly describe our collection of wedding bands "Exclusive Diamond". In white gold or combined with yellow gold or rose gold, in its different finishes and textures. The alliances of this collection are set with one or two rows of diamonds that go round the ring completely.

These exclusive jewels, for their concept and design, can be used both for the wedding wedding of the bride as for request or commitment ring.

Configure your wedding ring here

Our setting enables you to design your own rings, with a choice of over 23,000 different combinations; to create unique wedding rings designed by you for you.

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